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Past Executive Committee

The 32nd Executive Committee - Sapphire

2023 signifies the 32nd anniversary of The Business Students’ Union, HKUSTSU. We are thankful for the resilience and determination our past office-bearers had shown in defending the core values of BSU during times of hardship. Our theme for this session is “Sapphire”, a symbol of wisdom and representing our belief that all HKUST business students possess immense potential and talent. Our mission and goal for this year are simple yet significant – to help students develop and harness their hidden abilities. We recognize that growth and development often stem from stepping outside of our comfort zones, and we are dedicated to providing opportunities for our members to do just that. We are confident that our commitment will inspire our members to reach their full potential and cultivate a sense of professionalism in their future careers.



Lau Wan Fei , Tommy 

Internal Vice-Chairperson


Li Wing Lok, Zoe

External Vice-Chairperson


Chiu Choi Yuk, Ivy

Internal Secretary


Fung Tsz Kin, Angus 

Financial Secretary


Chu Chun Wang, Jonathan 

Academic Secretary


Kwong Man Chun, Thomas  

Promotion and Publicity Secretary


Ng Wing Yan, Winnie 

Public Relations Secretary


Cheung Ka Ka, Ivy 

Sports and Recreation Secretary


Tsui Wang Yue, Ryan 

Publication Secretary


Tang Wan Hin, Sebastian 

Information Systems Secretary


Yang Feng Lin, Jayden

Welfare Secretary


Ng Ting Yan, Rita 

Current Business Affairs Secretary


Wan Wai Tai, Victor

The 31st Executive Committee - Nexo

The year 2022 marks the 31st anniversary of The Business Students’ Union. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the past office-bearers and remind ourselves of the cores of BSU. We have chosen ‘Nexo’, the Spanish word meaning ‘Link’ as our session’s name. Nexo is used to symbolize the process of bringing ideas and events together. We aim to serve as a string to link people together and strengthen unity in this new normal and changing future. Our mission is also to break the old frame and open up new opportunities under the pandemic. It is our earnest hope that student’s developments could be enhanced. Not only do the external connections have been built up, but also the linkage among students and our cabinet. In conclusion, a close relationship and a helpful, pluralistic, and collaborative environment are the key to show our professionalism.

Chairperson Choi Hiu Ching, Jacey 
Internal Vice-Chairperson Choi Yu Wang, Gary
External Vice-Chairperson Tsang Wing Yan, Ivy
Internal Secretary Sit Yiu Man, Nicole 
External Secretary Li Hin Chung, Gordon 
Financial Secretary Chan Ying Hung, Christy 
Academic Secretary Shek Ho Lung, Andy
Promotion and Publicity Secretary Fung Cheuk Lam, Janice 
Ma Tin Wing, Phoebe
Public Relations Secretary Lai Chi Shing, Jason 
Sports and Recreation Secretary Wong Chi Fung, Rich
Publication Secretary Woon Tyen Hwei, Summer 
Marketing Officer Chan Hoi Yan, Priscilla
Information Systems Secretary Nip Man Chun, Steward 
Welfare Secretary Tan Man Yi, Olivia 

Current Business Affairs Secretary

Woon Tyen Hwei, Summer 

The 30th Executive Committee - Saxum

The year 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of The Business Students’ Union. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the past office-bearers and remind ourselves of the cores of BSU. We have chosen ‘Saxum’, the Latin word meaning ‘Boulders’ as our session’s name. Saxum is used to symbolize the foundation of something great and strong that others could rely on. Despite going through a tough time under the pandemic, we aim to stay firm and stable, as if the foundational rock built by all our past-office-bearers that our determination to serve members is unshaken. At the same time, inheriting the core values of BSU, our goal is to lead all business students to navigate through the era of uncertainties and turmoil.

Chairperson Chi Kelvin
Internal Vice-Chairperson Liu Cho Fung, Derek
External Vice-Chairperson Man King Yat, Martin
Internal Secretary Kwan Tsz Tsun, Karin
External Secretary He Jiaxing, Ken
Financial Secretary Cheung Chun Ho, Donald
Academic Secretary Chik Yiu Kai, Nester
Promotion and Publicity Secretary Lui Sze Wing, Hesper
Public Relations Secretary Shiu Wang Yin, Andrew
Sports and Recreation Secretary Lam Chak Ki, Kierran
Publication Secretary Lo Chak Lam, Jerry
Marketing Officer Lo Chak Lam, Jerry
Chan Oi Ning, Oleta
Information Systems Secretary Fu Ka Yi, Candace
Welfare Secretary Lai Sze Ki, Chantal
Current Business Affairs Secretary Chik Yiu Kai, Nester