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Past Executive Committee

The 30th Executive Committee - Saxum

The year 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of The Business Students’ Union. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the past office-bearers and remind ourselves of the cores of BSU. We have chosen ‘Saxum’, the Latin word meaning ‘Boulders’ as our session’s name. Saxum is used to symbolize the foundation of something great and strong that others could rely on. Despite going through a tough time under the pandemic, we aim to stay firm and stable, as if the foundational rock built by all our past-office-bearers that our determination to serve members is unshaken. At the same time, inheriting the core values of BSU, our goal is to lead all business students to navigate through the era of uncertainties and turmoil.

ChairpersonChi Kelvin
Internal Vice-ChairpersonLiu Cho Fung, Derek
External Vice-ChairpersonMan King Yat, Martin
Internal SecretaryKwan Tsz Tsun, Karin
External SecretaryHe Jiaxing, Ken
Financial SecretaryCheung Chun Ho, Donald
Academic SecretaryChik Yiu Kai, Nester
Promotion and Publicity SecretaryLui Sze Wing, Hesper
Public Relations SecretaryShiu Wang Yin, Andrew
Sports and Recreation SecretaryLam Chak Ki, Kierran
Publication SecretaryLo Chak Lam, Jerry
Marketing OfficerLo Chak Lam, Jerry
Chan Oi Ning, Oleta
Information Systems SecretaryFu Ka Yi, Candace
Welfare SecretaryLai Sze Ki, Chantal
Current Business Affairs SecretaryChik Yiu Kai, Nester

The 29th Executive Committee - Einheit

Einheit is the German form of the word “Unity”, we aim to build up trust and good relationships between our  Cabinet members and connect all Business School students as a whole.

As a group of passionate business students, we hope to achieve several objectives, namely integrating inheritance, cohesion, innovation, and professionalism into our community. We hope to inherit and continue the traditional values and image of BSU whilst being innovative at the same time to create new possibilities and offer more to our members. We would also like to strengthen the cohesiveness and sense of belonging between our members, reminding them of the warm community they are a part of. Last but not least, we aim to consolidate our image of professionalism that we portray to others within and outside of HKUST. 

Our logo consists of the first letter of the name of our Cabinet, Einheit. Our logo consists of an ‘E’ in script font, as well as a flipped ‘B’, which stands for ‘Business’ since we are representing The Business Students’ Union. We hope this artistic logo instills confidence in our members that we are creative visionaries, and have the ability to unite all members.

ChairpersonTang Wing Yin, Andy
Internal Vice-ChairpersonLok Wing Yau, Jasmine
External Vice-ChairpersonChong Ka Yi, Jessy
Internal SecretaryTam Hoi Ying, Jessie
External SecretaryWong Ho Heng, Ivor
Financial SecretaryLai Yun Chi, Gigi
Academic SecretaryCheng Pak Ho, Paco
Promotion and Publicity SecretaryWong Ka Wai, Jane
Public Relations SecretaryChan Yun Kit, Brian
Sports and Recreation SecretaryWong Shing Bun, Brandon
Publication SecretaryChan Pui Ching, Gigi
Marketing OfficerHui Ching Yeung, Sunny
Leung Ho Fung, Thomas
Information Systems SecretaryHo Ming Hin, Hugo
Welfare SecretaryLei Tung Tung, Scarlet
Current Business Affairs SecretaryChan Pak Hon, Jonathan

The 28th Executive Committee - Bifrost

“Bifrost” – a Norwegian-Scandinavian word from Norse mythology, has been selected to be the name for The Business Students’ Union, HKUSTSU, Session 2018-2019. Bifrost is the rainbow bridge that connects Asgard, the world of the Aesir tribe of gods, with Midgard, the world of humanity. Hence, The Business Students’ Union, HKUSTSU, Session 2018-2019 believes that this name symbolises the bridge we attempt to establish between all members of the School of Business and Management, including but not limited to: professors and students, local students and non-local international students, and of The Business Students’ Union.

Furthermore, The Business Students’ Union, HKUSTSU, Session 2018-2019 believes that our name encapsulates our core theme of ‘Unity in Diversity’. It shows our mission to promote unity in the School of Business and Management, which is diverse in many aspects, such as culture, perspectives and nationality.

ChairpersonWu Kin Ho, Marco
Internal Vice-ChairpersonCho Sik, Siobhan
External Vice-ChairpersonNg Sum Yee, Sammi
Internal SecretaryKwok Tsoi Man, Athena
External SecretaryLau Wing Tung, Ashley
Financial SecretaryYang Mei Sze, Macy
Academic SecretaryMak Pui Wan, Anson
Promotion and Publicity SecretaryHo Hoi Lam, Serene
Public Relations SecretaryMok Tsz Wang, Matthew
Sports and Recreation SecretaryMok Tsz Wang, Matthew
Publication SecretaryMak Pui Wan, Anson
Information Systems SecretaryLau Wing Tung, Ashley
Welfare SecretaryKwok Tsoi Man, Athena
Current Business Affairs SecretaryHo Hoi Lam, Serene